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The Faith in Real life podcast


I've found Nat Crawford to be the kind of next generation leadership Christianity desires as Boomers give way to new leaders coming to lead the charge to following Christ into the future. His devotion to the Bible and accurate proclamation of it, his family as a priority, and to the need of the church to maintain its' course of calling the community to be bold and courageous in a culture that has long left it's roots in the Judeo-Christian values, deserve commendation. He loves to teach, to preach, to mentor and train. That's a package of well developed skills I've come to greatly appreciate and so will you. He's finishing his Masters in Apologetics and has learned how to help you defend your own faith. Join me in helping him get established in his ministry amongst us. 

~ Tom S.

Life Coach / Pastor  


"If you are looking for a way to increase your skills as a leader and business person you should contact Nat. People that I have talked to that work with Nat have seen great strides in their professional lives {through executive coaching}. Nat also has a heart for sharing Christ with others. He truly cares for his fellow human beings and has a great love for our Savior Jesus Christ and our Creator God!"

~ Aaron R.

Christian Heritage 

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