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Speaking Sample


The one thing I most appreciate about Nat is that he is authentic, or as people like to say today he is real. When people realize you are real they tend to be less guarded and more open to  honest conversations around social or cultural ideas, interpersonal issues, and truths.  Leaders and influencers to be effective need the ability to break through all the clutter that exists in order to get to these meaningful exchanges and Nat has those skills.

~Rex L

Entrepreneur & President,  goIDit

As I listen to Nat speak, I like the way he expounds scripture. He makes it come to life. The conviction that he reveals it with is something that grips my heart! It makes me want to hear more truth that he has experienced and learned. Speaking clearly so I understand what he is presenting. Thanks Nat!

~ Delwayne E.

Partner, M&D Epp

Speaking Sample


Nat Crawford is adept at teaching apologetic's in an interesting and creative way. 
He moves people into an understanding of the challenges involved in communicating and defending their Christian faith and then gives them tools to do so in an engaging manner. I learned it is not so much that I have all the answers as much as can I ask the right questions. I learned to confidently guide people on their journey of spiritual self discovery. A journey where so often they find that despite their best efforts to hide, Jesus is there waiting when they reach the end of themselves. You can feel the sincerity and honesty in his teaching and quickly come to see that it is the most important thing on his heart. I would highly recommend Nat as a man of spiritual substance like King David, "a man after God's own heart."

~ Jim H.

Snifferz Franchisee

Book me as a speaker. Outside of coaching, I love nothing more than speaking. I have presented for businesses, hospitals, conferences, churches, prayer breakfasts, and banquets. I have recently cut back on the number of invitations I accept, so make your request early.

Some of my most popular topics:

  • Developing an Unshakeable Faith
  • Step Up! Becoming a Godly Leader
  • Why You Can Trust the Bible
  • Defending the Resurrection
  • The Urgency of the Gospel
  • Using Doubt to Strengthen Faith

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